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Information, Tickets & Travel

Kunsan AB's Information, Tickets, & Travel program offers a variety of discounted tickets and information. ITT expands beyond the local area and offers discounts all throughout South Korea. Discounted tickets may include places like Yellow Sea tour, Byeonsan National Park, & much more! For ticket availability and more information, please call or stop by.

Tickets Offered

Kunsan AB Information, Tickets, and Travel offers a wide variety of discounted tickets to various locations all across the United States.

Upcoming Events


Lotte World Tower ...Community Activity Center


Boseong Green Tea ...Community Activity Center

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Information, Tickets, & Travel

Seonyeon-ri, Okseo-myeon, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Bldg: 1027 DSN: 782-4679/5213

Hours of Operation

  • Daily
    0600 - 2130
  • Closed on RoK Holidays

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8th Force Support Squadron

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